East Edge Festival

After kicking it off by bringing the colossal Godflesh upon your eyes (and ears) we raised the bar very high. The stereo madness, courtesy of the doom maniacs from the Land of the Raising Sun Church of Misery, topped off with our beloved neighbours, the doom enchanters MESSA disrupted our wastelands once again.

Now we are ready to strike again. East Edge Festival will descend upon us on Sunday, August 4, 2019.

The 1st (of many) gathering will take place in our beloved aural lair of Mostovna and will, among others, be lustrated by bands that have never set foot in our latitudes before. First names out soon. Stay Edgy.


Church Of Misery + Messa: photogallery

Our second event took place in a new location for us. Everything worked very well. We met tons of old friends and made new ones.


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